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  • Translating Alabama-speak

    Translating Alabama-speak

    If you are new to central Alabama, Welcome! We hope you enjoy this translation guide for local phrases; it might just come in handy when you are talking with native Alabamians. 1. “Who are you for?” Your new Alabama neighbors are likely to be friendly; they may even show up with fresh cut flowers or…

  • Inspired by Aunt Nellie

    Inspired by Aunt Nellie

    I am not a Realtor; but I live with one. And after twenty three years of being married to Greg Arcara, I just now figured him out, unpredictably, through genealogy. The thing about a good, talented career Realtor is that there is no faking it; I’ve known for decades that Greg truly harbors a great…

  • This Old House, Our New Office: Upcycling Furniture

    This Old House, Our New Office: Upcycling Furniture

    It’s happening! We have secured the necessary approvals, created a master plan, and hired a wonderfully talented contractor to help us, (we call him Miracle Bill), and the “little brown house” down on 2nd street in Old Town Helena, historically known as the Nunnally House, is well on its way to being rescued and repurposed…